Starting off your MUA Kit…?

20 Pointers to Get You Started

1. Hand Sanitizer! – nuff said!rby-woman-red-lips-make-up-tools-de
2. Skin Moisturizers– It is great to carry a moisturizer, applying makeup to dry or oily skin is not easy.
2a. Lip Balm– well conditioned lips make product application sooo much easier.
3. Brush Cleaner– Baby shampoo or clarifying shampoo works just as well. I also keep a small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to keep it sanitary.
4. Disposables– Cotton swabs, wedges and rounds, spoolies (disposable mascara wands), colts foot applicators (they look like little lip gloss wands), and some people like disposable plastic spatulas.
5. Makeup Wipes (or baby wipes)
6. Foundation– I started with Graftobian HD Crème Foundation palettes.
7. Concealer– There are so many different kinds out there. My first were Ben Nye.
8. Finishing / Setting Powder– I’ve heard great things about MUFE transluscent setting powder. I currently have Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder.
9. Blush Palette– BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents are all great for starting out.
10. Contouring Powder/Bronzer (2 shades darker than skintone)– You can pick these up anywhere! I use MAC’s Blunt Blush.
11. Highlighters– You can purchase highlighters or, in a pinch, you can totally use eyeshadows. I use concealers from time to time that are two shades lighter.
12. Eyeshadow Primer– This is very important, especially for oily lids. Primer keeps the colors from migrating and, in some cases, intensifies them.
13. Eyesahdow Base– Yes, this is a little different from primer. If you are a painter, this is more like Gesso. I think there is actually one named Gesso. You would use a white base before applying bright colors that can easily be lost against your skin tone.
14. Eyeyshadow palette– I’ve used BH Cosmetics and Shany, both of which I found to be great for the price.
15. Eye/Lip pencils!– Nyx comes highly recommended. Their jumbo eye pencil in Milk is almost always sold out!
16. Eye Liners black and brown– I carry both pencil and liquid. Recently I picked up Loreal HiP Gel Liner and I love it.
17. Mascara black/brown/clear– Black and Brown for sure but why clear? Clear mascara is great for setting eyebrows! In a pinch? Spray a bit of hairspray (not too much!) on your finger tip and dab your brows. 😉 I always have a bottle of Aqua Net near by, its the best setter!
18. Eyelash curler– Sometimes this is the perfect touch to really open up the eyes! If you are using falsies (strip lashes), curling the natural lashes with the falsies really brings them together for a unified, natural look.
19. Lipstick– These are available in palettes as well, didn’t you know? I waited for a sale and bought up a bunch of Revlon shades from the local drugstore to get started.
20. Lipgloss– A few cute shades are great to start but don’t forget clear gloss! Its super multi-purpose, add a gloss to the perfect lipstick or add eyeshadow and you’ve got a custom lip color.
(Don’t forget to always carry your business cards on you at all times)

4 thoughts on “Starting off your MUA Kit…?

  1. Great post! I’m in the process of building my kit and I’ve been thinking of getting the graftobian cream foundation palettes. What do you think of them? x

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