Cherry Lola Treatment

Cherry Lola Treatment

So Me being a newly natural, i of course have did A LOT of research on different products and treatments to do to my hair.
My hair is so used to weave that now that I’m finally letting it breathe she wants to have a mind of her own… therefore I must train her. lol!
I decided to try this treatment called ‘The Cherry Lola Treatment’. I would say this treatment acts more as a protein treatment. Did i see an automatic change once I used it? I SURE DID!
I didn’t expect to see dramatic changes it being the first time, BUT i did! Seriously…left my hair with the plumpest, defined curls.
Once I finished i didn’t place any gel, just a little conditioner (not leave in, and no i do not always wash my conditioner out). And my hair is super soft, moisturized, shiny, super coily and happy!!!
In the picture displayed are the steps that i took…

Steps to take:
I mixed 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/8 cup Amino Acids, 1/8 baking soda til it gets really light and fluffy. (use ingredients according to your hair length)
I saturated my hair with the concoction (lol) and let it sit for about 45 minutes with a bag over my head so my natural heat can do its job with the product.
Once ready to be rinsed I rinsed my hair over the sink with cool water (do not rinse out in shower, may cause frizz).


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